06/13/2014 - Young Americans Center for Financial Education


Young Americans Center for Financial Education is the leader in innovative financial education for young people ages 21 and younger seeking hands-on programs about finances, economics and business. Young Americans features the only youth-focused bank in the world. Young Americans also offers an award-winning curriculum developed by and for teachers to prepare students for hands-on, experiential learning at Young AmeriTowne and International Towne. The overarching goal for all programs, including the Young Americans’ entrepreneurship program is to demonstrate commerce in action while building life skills, work skills, and financial self-sufficiency to achieve life-long success.

Since 1987, more than 600,000 youth have participated in the programs or bank.

Young Americans Bank

  • Young Americans is a FDIC-insured bank that offers just for youth: savings accounts, checking accounts, loans, certificates of deposit (CDs); and credit, debit and ATM cards.
  • Young Americans offers banking at two locations: its headquarters in Cherry Creek, Colorado and at the branch location in Green Valley Ranch; as well as online and mobile banking options.

Young AmeriTowne

  • Young AmeriTowne is a fun, hands-on lesson that allows 5th grade students to run their own life-like town of 17 businesses.
  • This realistic simulation teaches important economic concepts like supply and demand, job skills, budgeting, and philanthropy.

International Towne

  • International Towne introduces middle school students to the economics of the global marketplace and allows them to run a “world” of 16 foreign countries. 
  • A 25-lesson curriculum is integrated into daily schoolwork to prepare students for their roles in International Towne.

Entrepreneur Programs

  • Young Americans provides the best and most comprehensive resources for any young person who wants to start a business. 
  • Young Entrepreneurs Marketplace is an event that allows young business owners to display and sell their unique products to the local community. 
  • Celebration for Young Entrepreneurs is a business competition for youth ages 6 to 21, where winners receive cash prizes and mentoring support from local business leaders.
  • Summer Camps are offered to budding business owners, including “Run Your Own Business” and “Be Your Own Boss” These week-long camps for 3rd-5th graders encourage kids to brainstorm business ideas and take ownership for marketing, accounting, sales, and more.
  • Classes covering a range of topics and activities are offered throughout the year. These include rapid prototyping, tinkering sessions, local business tours, speed mentoring, and topic focus seminars.
  • Builders Lab is an online hub for business inspiration and know-how, offering videos, an event calendar, an open question forum, and idea generation.

Summer Camps

  • Every year, Young Americans offers week-long summer camps packed with exciting activities that young participants remember and talk about for years!

Money Matters Classes and Outreach

  • Young Americans provides classes and bank tours for youth of all ages throughout the year.

As a non-profit, Young Americans receives deep and generous support from the Colorado community. Young Americans however, is always looking to engage with additional partners to increase the reach of its programs. Those interested in mentoring an entrepreneur, sending a classroom to Young AmeriTowne, volunteering in International Towne, or providing financial assistance to classroom outreach efforts, please contact the Development department at 303-321-2265.


For 25 years, students have come to one of our three locations to attend Young AmeriTowne. This fall, we’re going to the students by launching a brand-new initiative: Young AmeriTowne on the Road!

Young AmeriTowne on the Road is a smaller, portable version of our flagship program that offers an interactive built environment to replicate the current “wow”-inducing experience. Catering to classes of 25-50 students, the new setup is ideal for connecting with smaller schools and those in rural settings that have found it challenging to reach our physical locations. Combined with the new AmeriTowne Cloud — a cloud-based operating system for financial transactions and community interaction — Young AmeriTowne on the Road can be setup anywhere with a wireless hotspot to serve dozens of communities and thousands of students each year.

Katie Payer
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