Working in Support of Education Inc. (W!se)

Since 1998, W!se, a New York City based not-for-profit has been transforming the lives of young people by offering programs that overcome two educational needs in secondary schools: financial literacy and preparedness for college and workforce success.

At the heart of W!se’s program offerings is a family of financial literacy initiatives. The award-winning Financial Literacy Certification program helps teachers develop personal finance knowledge and enable their students to live a life of financial wellbeing; our Certification in Personal Finance strengthens educators’ credentials to teach personal finance; and MoneyW!SE provides a pathway for survivors of domestic violence to become financially independent.These initiatives differ in scope and audience served, but all share a common thread—a standardized assessment and a certification for those who master the subject matter.

Our flagship Financial Literacy Certification program is a groundbreaking innovation in financial education, supporting personal finance instruction in high schools nationally. Participating schools teach a course or comprehensive unit on personal finance that culminates in the administration of our nationally standardized Financial Literacy Certification Test to measure student knowledge and the impact of instruction on financial behavior. Students passing the Test become Certified Financially Literate™, earning W!se’s CFL™, while teachers and schools are recognized based on student performance on the Test.  The first of its kind ranking of the 100 Best w!se High Schools Teaching Personal Finance recognizes schools of excellence. The Financial Literacy Certification program has earned w!se several awards including the US Treasury Department’s John H. Sherman Award for Excellence in Financial Education.

W!se manages the New York Financial Literacy Coalition, the New York State affiliate for the Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy.

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Phyllis Frankfort, President & CEO
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David Anderson, Executive Vice President
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