01/09/2015 - Working in Support of Education

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Working in Support of Education (wise), a New York City based, not-for-profit organization, provides educational support services nationwide, building financial literacy and readiness for college and careers.  Wise serves urban secondary school students in low-to-moderate-income areas.  Extensive partnerships with schools and the private sector, along with a reputation for sustainable programs with measurable results, have made wise a leader in education. Wise also manages the New York Financial Literacy Coalition and the New York State affiliate for the Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy®.   

At the heart of the wise program is a family of financial literacy initiatives. Its award-winning Financial Literacy Certification program helps teachers develop personal finance knowledge and enables their students to live a life of financial wellbeing

Financial Literacy Certification
Through this program,  wise provides schools with instructional resources to teach a course on personal finance. After instruction, schools administer the wise national standardized Financial Literacy Certification Test to assess students’ knowledge. Pretesting is also available. Tests are in multiple languages and are accessible online, through tablets, and in paper form.

Students passing the Certification Test earn a wise Certification in Financial Literacy (CFL™). This certification, approved by state departments of education, is evidence of students acquiring the knowledge and skills to make smart decisions, empowering them for future financial success.

Educators also have the opportunity to earn a certification by taking the wise Certification in Personal Finance (CPF).

Now in 38 states, the program has been widely recognized for its success, including being awarded the John Sherman Award for Excellence in Financial Education from the U.S. Department of the Treasury.
Wise welcomes any support to expand its national presence and increase awareness of the wise Financial Literacy Certification program to address the growing and urgent need for personal finance education.  Please contact  wise to find out how you can help.  

100 Best wise High Schools Teaching Personal Finance
In 2014, wise released the second  annual ranking of the 100 Best wise High Schools Teaching Personal Finance. This national ranking, the first of its kind, recognizes the top- performing schools in the wise national network. It encourages school districts and administrators to expand personal finance instruction and elevate the importance of financial education.  The ranking is published annually, giving all schools that participate in the Financial Literacy Certification program an opportunity to earn a place on the list  each year. This year, the announcement will be on April 20, at a ceremony hosted by NYSE: ICE.

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