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Our Mission:
Our ultimate goal at the Center for Economic Education and Entrepreneurship at the University of Delaware is to continue to provide educators with high-quality programs and workshops that increase the knowledge and understanding of economics, financial education and entrepreneurship in all curriculum for grades K - 12.

An economically literate population is crucial to our well-being. The world is changing rapidly, driven by economic, demographic, and technological forces. Today's marketplace is truly global -- and more changes are in store.

Meanwhile, tomorrow's producers and consumers are in grades K-12. Without a clear understanding of their economic system, how will they be able to function effectively in a world that is sure to look very different in five to ten years?

An entrepreneurial spirit is even more critical in today's economy. As U.S. industries restructure, downsizing will continue. Workers now recognize that their jobs aren't guaranteed for life and that they will need to take responsibility for their futures.

Now more than ever, high school graduates need practical skills and experience to succeed in an increasingly complex business environment. Without these skills, their opportunities are limited.

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