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The SIFMA Foundation is an educational non-profit organization dedicated to fostering knowledge and understanding of the financial markets for individuals of all backgrounds. Drawing on the support and expertise of SIFMA member firms and the financial industry, the SIFMA Foundation provides financial education programs and tools that strengthen economic opportunity across communities and increase individuals’ access to the benefits of the global markets.


  • The Stock Market Game™ Program

The Stock Market Game program is an online simulation of the global capital markets that engages students (grades 4-12) in the world of economics, investing, and personal finance. It prepares them for financially independent lives, while providing them with real world opportunities to apply the math and ELA skills they learn in the classroom.

Nearly 600,000 students take part every school year across all 50 states and around the globe. The Stock Market Game has reached more than15 million students since its inception in 1977 and is proven to raise student scores on tests of mathematics, economics and financial knowledge. It is also proven to impact teachers’ personal finance behavior positively. For more information visit www.stockmarketgame.org.

  • InvestWrite®

The national InvestWrite essay competition extends students’ classroom learning by asking them to apply their newly acquired financial skills to address real-world financial issues and situations. Each semester, Stock Market Game students across the country compete to analyze and evaluate long-term saving and investing scenarios. Some 20,000 student essays are evaluated annually by teachers and thousands of financial professionals serving as volunteer judges. National winners earn exciting prizes and recognition including a trip to New York City’s famed financial district. For more information visit www.investwrite.org.

  • Capitol Hill Challenge™

The Capitol Hill Challenge is nation-wide invitation-only program that matches Members of Congress with schools across the country participating in the Stock Market Game. The high school and middle school teams with the most successful Stock Market Game portfolios receive a paid trip to Washington, DC to meet their Members of Congress, tour financial landmarks, and learn first-hand about financial policy making. Since its inception in 2004, the Capitol Hill Challenge has made 2,200 matches of U.S. Representatives and Senators with schools, encompassing over 60,000 students across the country. Additional information about the Capitol Hill Challenge is available at www.sifma.org/chc/.

  • Invest It Forward™

Invest It Forward is an industry-wide financial education and capital markets literacy campaign convening hundreds of financial firms that are committed to giving young Americans a solid understanding of the capital markets system and the invaluable tools to achieve their dreams. Invest It Forward is designed to connect educators and classrooms with financial industry professionals and firms with a new capital markets curriculum and variety of volunteer opportunities across the country. For more information visit www.sifma.org/invest-it-forward.

For nearly 40 years, the SIFMA Foundation’s Stock Market Game program has engaged students in grades 4-12 in learning about their role in the capital markets, while helping them see the math and English they learn in action in the real world. The SIFMA Foundation is seeking energetic teachers, who believe in the necessity of personal finance education for successful 21st Century students, to bring the Stock Market Game program into their schools.

Visit www.stockmarketgame.org to learn more about the Stock Market Game program or www.sifma.org/foundation to learn more about the SIFMA Foundation.


  • SMG Afterschool

The SMG Afterschool program is a self-directed student activity specifically developed for use in afterschool programs. Afterschool students access the same online investment portfolio as their classroom counterparts. However, instead of a teacher-led program, SMG Afterschool students work at their own pace to learn about investing and the capital markets. For more information visit www.stockmarketgame.org.

  • Invest It Forward™

The Invest It Forward program brings financial industry professionals together with teachers to create first-hand, real world financial education experiences that enrich students’ understanding of investing and the role of the capital markets in our daily lives. For more information visit www.sifma.org/invest-it-forward.

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