Jump$tart Coalition Resources

As a coalition of many organizations that conduct and support financial education and create, distribute or promote financial education materials and tools, Jump$tart avoids competing with its own partners to deliver educational products and programs. Jump$tart’s strategic role is, instead, to provide resources that complement and enhance the individual and collective work of its partners and to take on activities that advance the financial literacy effort on behalf of all of its partners.


Jump$tart’s online Clearinghouse is the nation’s most comprehensive collection of financial education resources suitable for students in pre-kindergarten through college.  All of the resources listing in the Clearinghouse have been reviewed for appropriateness, based on the National Standards in K-12 Personal Finance Education.

National Standards

The third edition of the National Standards in K-12 Personal Finance Education was developed by the Jump$tart Coalition with a team of academic experts and 50 content reviewers.  These voluntary standards can be downloaded from the Jump$tart website.

Best Practices

Jump$tart developed its “Best Practices” for teachers, authors, publishers, educational consultants, and other to use when developing and/or selecting personal finance educational materials.   The second edition, created in 2008, is available online and Jump$tart grants permission to use them freely.

Reality Check

When it comes to understanding what it’s really going to take to live independently as an adult consumer, most young people need a “reality check.”  Jump$tart developed this online resource as a quick and easy tool to use alone or to complement a wide variety of existing personal finance curricula.

Financial Literacy Facts

An important role for Jump$tart, as a coalition, is to connect its partners, state coalitions, and anyone else interested in advancing financial literacy, with relevant reports and information that might aid them in their  efforts.