01/17/2014 - Jump$tart Personal Finance Clearinghouse

The Jump$tart Personal Finance Clearinghouse is a virtual marketplace where Jump$tart partners and curriculum providers list their pre-K through college-age personal finance education resources.  Teachers, parents and students search the free database to find online learning programs, student activities and workbooks, games, textbooks, real-life simulations, lesson plans, teaching guides, video streaming and more.  Established in the 1990s, the Clearinghouse continues to grow and evolve.  It is found on the web at www.jumpstartclearinghouse.org.  


  • A wide variety of personal finance education resources are included in the Clearinghouse.  Users can search by keyword, title or provider, and they can sort titles by price and publication date.  They can also narrow their search by selecting from a list of keywords, or by grade level, language, or type of resource.  
  • The Clearinghouse provides resource descriptions and ordering information for over 900 titles.  Resources are ordered directly from the provider or accessed instantly from the provider’s website.  More than 400 resources are offered absolutely free.  
  • Jump$tart partners and resource providers submit materials to the Clearinghouse, including national leaders in education, financial services firms, publishers, authors, and government agencies.  

•    High quality educational resources to be submitted to the Clearinghouse by Jump$tart partners and resource providers.
•    Partners and resource providers to check their listings for accuracy, to ensure that Clearinghouse users receive the most up-to-date content in their search results.  
•    Funding to maintain state-of-the-art technology for the Clearinghouse and to expand awareness among teachers, parents and students.  
•    Organizations and state coalitions to link to the Clearinghouse.

•    Ask Anne is a new feature that allows users to receive answers to questions about the Clearinghouse quickly and easily.  
•    Resource providers can submit new materials and update existing listings anytime by using the online submission form or by contacting Clearinghouse staff.  
•    Cover art and graphic images can be uploaded to resource listings.  
•    Staff can measure Clearinghouse usage with Google Analytics to better serve the educators and students.  
•    Providers of approved resource listings may use the “listed on the Clearinghouse” logo. Details are available here: http://jumpstart.org/clearinghouse-logo-use-form.html

Anne Bannister, Manager
Jump$tart Personal Finance Clearinghouse
Email:  Turn on JavaScript!
(734) 945-1639