02/13/2015 - InCharge Education Foundation

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InCharge® Education Foundation is a national 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to empowering lives through personal finance education. InCharge creates and delivers high-quality personal finance education through in-person workshops, online courses, books, magazines, and websites.

InCharge recognizes that there is no “one size fits all” personal finance education, and therefore seeks to customize materials and instruction based on the populations served. Dedicated to helping those in greatest need, InCharge works with Habitat for Humanity, Head Start, and Goodwill, among others, to deliver educational materials and services.

Additionally, InCharge Education Foundation dedicates significant resources to developing and distributing comprehensive personal finance education to members of the U.S. military.


  • Teach Money

Teach Money is a program for the future teachers of America, with a mission as simple as its name: Teach Money. Recognizing that teachers need to learn money before they can teach money, InCharge provides free workshops at colleges of education throughout Central Florida. Workshops cover financial essentials for teachers, helping them understand how to live on a budget, predict future student loan payments, avoid debt, and save. The program also provides ideas on incorporating financial literacy concepts into their future classroom, like creating a classroom economy in elementary school or comparing cell phone plans in high school. Offered since 2012, the program has been provided to more than 300 future educators, and 100 current educators. For 89 percent of attendees, this is the first and only financial literacy workshop taken in the past five years.

InCharge is looking for ambassadors to bring the Teach Money program to colleges of education across the country. If you are interested in becoming a Teach Money workshop leader, contact  InCharge (contact information below).


  • Mind Your Finances Workbook Series

Forget spreadsheets and black and white budgets. This is the new financial literacy: story-driven and highly visual.  InCharge is proud to share “Mind Your Finances, Habitat-Edition.”  This 10-part workbook series, designed to be used in instructor-led workshops, was created for Habitat for Humanity Orlando homebuyers. The workbook series strives to recognize the diversity of financial circumstances faced by low-to-moderate income Americans and to inspire healthy financial behavior through story, recipes, and much more. The workbooks are free to use and reproduce, and they are available to download at www.incharge.org/about/financial-literacy-workshops/habitat-workshop-workbooks.

  • Teach Money Coursebook

Answering the call to help teachers embrace financial literacy education, Teach Money provides the knowledge and resources next generation teachers need to make financial literacy part of their language arts, math, and social studies curriculum. Download the Teach Money Coursebook for free lesson plans, budgeting information, savvy consumer tips, and reproducible worksheets for the classroom.

Karen Carlson
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