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Headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska, Inceptia’s mission is very simple: to support schools as they arm students with the knowledge needed to become financially responsible adults. Moving boldly into the future without accumulating the burden of debt and default.

Inceptia is proud to share our financial education tools and resources with all high schools across the country, and through valued partnerships with organizations like the National Association for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth and Oregon’s Financial Beginnings.

Financial Education – Financial Avenue
Financial Avenue is a curriculum-based, e-learning tool which is developed in accordance with the U.S. Department of Treasury’s Financial Literacy and Education Commission’s financial education core competencies. Not only does the program provide real world teachings of personal money management, but does it in a way that relates to students’ preferred method of receiving information – videos and applied learning exercises. Designed to engage students, this e-learning curriculum incorporates a variety of interactive formats, activities and tools to teach students core financial lessons. With our administrator portal, schools and teachers have access to robust reporting tools to track student progress and pre/post assessment scores to gauge program effectiveness.

This program gets results:
• Since 2006, Inceptia’s Online Financial Education program has touched the lives of more than 28,000 high school and college students, faculty and school administrators. 
• Our research shows the increased improvement (using pre-test assessments) is 30.7 percent across all courses.

  • Evaluations for the courses show that 91 percent of students would recommend the course to others.Financial Education Training - Personal Financial Management Certification: The certification program was developed in collaboration with authors and faculty members from East Carolina University’s nationally recognized College of Business. The program is self-contained and self-paced, allowing education professionals to go through the process on their own schedule. Users are exposed to a multimedia environment, incorporating textbook, pre-assessment and final test, videos, calculators and an interactive community in the learning process. Chapters cover a broad spectrum of personal financial topics, including budgeting, paying for college, debt management and taxes. This allows users to gain rich knowledge on the issues that affect all students, from those entering college to those preparing for graduation.
  • Financial Education Community & Resources - Inceptia Institute: The Inceptia Institute is a free online resource for education professionals, industry experts and others who want to help students be successful in building a strong financial foundation and furthering student success. The Inceptia Institute offers the latest industry news and research affecting students, schools, policy and financial aid. Visitors are encouraged to ask questions, participate in polls and share best practices with their peers. The Institute’s resource center features podcasts, webinars and Inceptia-authored white papers, as well as calculators that school counselors can share with students to see the real costs involved with loan repayment and other expenses. A student resource section has also been added, with financial education guides and resources for you to share with your students.

As a non-profit organization, Inceptia is committed to providing financial education to help students create a foundation for a strong financial future. To that end, we seek to establish lasting partnerships to support the efforts of all those who share in this vision, from educators to organizations to other non-profits.

Financial Avenue Re-Launch – Coming Fall 2015
As an industry leader and innovator, Inceptia is focused on creating a better financial world for students and schools. To deliver on that promise, Inceptia is pleased to be launching a new and improved version of its online financial education curriculum, Financial Avenue.

Utilizing experts in financial literacy and psychology, the enhanced version of Financial Avenue will build on the proven concepts of today’s Financial Avenue combined with new enhanced information and trends to deliver even more compelling content.

Financial Avenue will now offer students 10 courses including the creation of a behavioral finance course and a FAFSA course. In addition, the new Financial Avenue has been enhanced with the following features: 
• Checkpoints, activities and videos to keep students engaged
• ADA Compliant
• Mobile-ready Website
• Spanish translation
• Customized student action plans
• Educator toolkit to supplement classroom learning

Financial Avenue – our online financial education program offers online courses, tips, and articles designed to empower schools to help students now and throughout their lifetimes. It uses student interaction to teach the basics of budgeting, credit, financial aid, insurance, and taxes, and includes pre- and post-assessments as well as an administrator portal to track student progress. It is free of charge for K-12 educators.

Carissa Uhlman
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