Get Involved & Donate

Greater Washington Jump$tart Coalition values and promotes active engagement of partner organizations and individuals, educators, and parents to improve financial capability of young people in the Greater Washington region.

How we get involved...

Partners: support, contribute to, and participate in the local financial literacy effort in schools and communities; collaborate and share ideas about best practices with like-minded organizations and professionals.  

Teachers: receive the support of qualified partners to work on financial literacy-related concepts and integrating curriculum, content, and research; collaborate to conduct financial literacy lessons with partners in school.

Parents: get resources, tools, and tips to begin or improve teaching your child about personal financial literacy at a young age and continue to reinforce these skills. See the Links section or visit the Clearinghouse for more ideas on teaching your child about personal finance matters.


Making a difference locally with your donation!

Whether you would like to make a one time donation or commit to a regular monthly donation, we appreciate your kindness in any amoount to help us achieve goals and bring hope of a bright financial future to the next generation.