FoolProof Foundation

Walter Cronkite and a group of consumer advocates founded FoolProof.

All of the FoolProof Foundation's resources are shaped by a core belief: if advertisers have the right to put the best light on their products and services, consumers have the right to learn how to critically judge advertising and marketing messages.

That judgment is a learned skill.

All of our resources teach healthy skepticism. We encourage young people and adults to question anyone who wants to impact their money or their welfare.

Students made 41 million pages views of our high school curriculum in the 2016-17 school year.

FoolProof’s middle and high school curriculums use peer-to-peer instruction, honest messaging, and sophisticated interactivity to challenge young people to take responsibility for their own financial lives.

We use interactive software to customize messages for unique populations.

FoolProof also partners with community organizations and other not-for-profits to help us accomplish our mission.

Our resources are provided to all consumers at no charge, forever, directly by the FoolProof Foundation.

All resources are advertising and agenda-free.

The Foundation also believes low-income consumers —particularly those already impacted by credit and money issues— are at greater risk for abuses in the financial marketplace. All of our programs address this issue.

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