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The FoolProof Foundation’s free web driven curriculums teach young people the importance of using caution, questioning sellers, and relying on independent research before spending money. In 2013 high school students alone made over 17 million page views of our curriculum.

FoolProof’s programs were developed by consumer advocates, teachers and students, not by marketers.  “We believe it is our realistic and frank messaging that has made FoolProof so popular with students and teachers,” said FoolProof founder Will deHoo.  We look forward to thousands of new teachers joining FoolProof’s initiative in 2014!”

Unique endorsements: FoolProof’s web-driven curriculum is currently the only financial literacy curriculum in the United States that is endorsed by both the National Association of Consumer Advocates and the Consumer Federation of America.


  • A virtually turnkey financial literacy curriculum for teachers.
  • “Since day one, we’ve had two goals with our curriculum,” said deHoo.
    • “First, we want to teach kids to question sellers, use caution, and rely on research before spending money. “
    • “Secondly, we want to give teachers more time to teach. That’s why our curriculum registers students, grades tests, and allows a teacher to monitor one or all students from any computer.”

 Our messages are realistic and frank.

  • What we teach about credit cards: Credit cards are a wildly expensive way to borrow money and can build lifetime debt. Don’t use a credit card to finance debt. Never charge more than you can pay off each month. 
  • Our message about advertising: Blindly accepting marketing and advertising hype will destroy your wallet and your future, if you’re not careful…. Only idiots blindly accept what ads say.  Don’t be one of those idiots.
  • What we say about the importance of credit: Like it or not, credit will rule your life, and may impact your ability to get a job or a promotion. And you can ruin your credit in a heartbeat.

We provide four separate curriculums: All curriculums feature only young people as teachers, and rely on more than 100 interactive videos

FoolProof for High Schools provides over 22 hours of web-driven, turnkey financial literacy instruction.  www.foolproofteacher.com

  • Teachers can use one topic or the entire curriculum. 
  • Students register themselves and all tests are self-grading.     
  • Topics can be assigned as homework, and students can stop and start as needed.

FoolProof Solo provides colleges and technical schools a revised version of our curriculum. www.foolproofsolo.com.     

  •  Solo features special videos and topics targeted at college age consumers.     
  •  Solo can be used for college orientation. A project leader can monitor remote users from any computer.     
  •  Solo can used for independent financial education or offered by parents to college-age kids.

FoolProof for homeschooling presents our high school curriculum in a format that allows parents to sign up their own children and monitor their work. FoolProof for Parents.

FoolProof Workplace is our beta program targeted at entry-level workers with very limited financial skills. FoolProof Workplace Beta.


We need advocates! If you believe students need to be taught realistic and frank messages about the realities of money—and if you believe students need to be taught how to think critically about money decisions—we need your help.  Send teachers and school administrators to www.foolproofteacher.com.


Key updates to the curriculum and to the teacher website: 

  • The FoolProof Teacher website features a completely new introductory video.
  • Dozens of new interactive videos feature on young people.
  • Improved navigation developed for teachers and students.
  • A second version of all tests has been added, when a student needs to be retested.
  • Teachers can block access to tests. This feature keeps students from previewing tests.
  • Special Education tests have been developed for all modules.


The Foolproof Initiative

A group of interactive, online lessons that teach young people about money, financial responsibility, and the realities of the free enterprise system.


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