First Command Educational Foundation (FCEF)

First Command Educational Foundation, a 501(c)(3) public charity, provides hundreds of scholarships annually for undergraduate and graduate degrees; conducts financial literacy presentations, seminars, and courses nationwide that promote financial literacy and teach attendees how to achieve personal financial success; and provides two online, interactive financial literacy courses. FCEF's tailor-made program services are provided to military units, community organizations, church groups, schools, corporate audiences, and most interested parties. In addition, FCEF has strong community-focused projects where FCEF collaborates and partners with other organizations to deliver a financial project to a targeted community. All FCEF programs are designed to stress principles, not products, and are free of commercial endorsement.

Mission Statement:

To educate those who serve


Created in 1983, FCEF original mission was to award scholarships to military personnel and their dependents. FCEF's mission expanded in 2001 to encompass financial literacy training. In order to successfully implement this 2001 initiative, the Foundation split from the founding company, First Command Financial Services, and hired separate leadership under the governing authority of an independent Board of Directors. In 2004, FCEF broadened its scholarship eligibility to individuals pursuing both undergraduate and graduate degrees, and it received approval from the IRS to move from a private foundation to a public charity on January 1, 2006.

Populations Served (as of December 31, 2012):

  • Provided 1,116 presentations, seminars, and workshops to 60,548 individuals
  • Awarded over $4.3 million in scholarships to 3,611 individuals
  • Provided online training to over 1,200 individuals across 34 states and 4 countries

Vision Statement(s):

To become a nationally recognized leader in providing high quality financial literacy training and supporting pursuit of higher education.

Value Statement(s):

Diversity - Fostering a sense of shared experience and common purpose, along with a collective responsibility for each other's well-being and for the community.

Inspiration - Strength is not only in the similarities, but also in the differences.

Excellence - Meeting and exceeding expectations of those served. FCEF values integrity, listening, caring, and being sensitive to the needs of others. We respond to those we serve in a manner that clearly shows our desire not only to meet their needs, but also to exceed their expectations.

Inspiration - Excellence is the result of striving each day to do better than the last.

Commitment - Accepting ownership and compassionate involvement in FCEF's goals. We value and respect all people; we encourage expression of ideas and consider suggestions.

Inspiration - The strongest force in the world is the genuine and everlasting act of commitment.

Resourcefulness - Responding to challenges and opportunities innovatively and creatively and valuing continuous improvement in everything we do.

Inspiration - Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, and working together is success.

For more information about FCEF, please contact the following individual or visit FCEF’s website:

Vickie Coleman
Chief Executive Officer
First Command Educational Foundation (FCEF)
1 FirstComm Plaza
Fort Worth, TX 76109-4999
Phone: (877) 569-2260
Fax: (817) 569-2970
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