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The Citi Foundation supports the economic empowerment and financial inclusion of low- to moderate-income people in communities where Citi operates. We work collaboratively with a range of partners to design and test financial inclusion innovations with potential to achieve scale and support leadership and knowledge building activities. Through a “More-than-Philanthropy” approach, we put the strength of our business, resources, products and people to work to enhance our philanthropic investments and help improve communities.

We utilize a results-oriented measurement framework that informs the way we assess the impact of the programs we fund. Every investment is carefully tracked to identify ways to ensure success and understand what works and why. This framework helps us define more clearly the results we seek from our investments in each of our core focus areas, which include:

  • Financial Capability and Asset Building – We seek to increase the number of low- to moderate-income adults and/or youth who adopt positive financial behaviors and accumulate and preserve financial assets

  • Microfinance – We seek to increase the supply of financial products that improve and accelerate the financial inclusion of low- to moderate-income individuals

  • Enterprise Development – We seek to increase the number of micro or small enterprises that provide new income generation and/or employment opportunities for low- to moderate-income individuals

  • College Success (in the U.S.) – We seek to increase the number of low- to moderate-income secondary school students who are meeting the academic, financial and social milestones to enroll and complete postsecondary education

  • Youth Education and Livelihoods (outside the U.S.) – We seek to increase the number of low-income youth, ages 13-25, who demonstrate the skills needed to complete secondary school, become employed in a living wage job, start their own income-generating business or obtain postsecondary education or training

  • Neighborhood Revitalization (in the U.S.) – We seek to increase the number of small businesses, affordable housing units or community facilities that contribute to the economic and/or environmental sustainability of low- to moderate-income communities

In each of our core priorities, we strive to partner with organizations that demonstrate a commitment to sustainability and incorporate sound environmental practices in their programs.

Financial Capability Strategy

In 2004, Citi was the first global bank to announce a 10-year commitment to meet the growing financial education needs of the communities we serve. Although we completed our $200 million commitment in 2010, well ahead of schedule, our work is not done. In assessing this commitment, we learned that the most effective financial capability programs not only build financial knowledge and skills, but also provide ongoing coaching and access to appropriate financial products and services to motivate positive changes in financial behaviors that help low-to-moderate income individuals better manage their resources, build and preserve financial assets.

As a result we are continuing our commitment to programs that go beyond teaching consumers what they should do, and actively work with them to put their knowledge into action. This is exactly why we not only changed our strategy, but we changed the terminology we use from “financial education” to “financial capability.”

Today, the Citi Foundation supports programs that work directly with low income consumers to help them develop and maintain forward-looking financial behavior. We help build the capacity of community partners to adopt new financial capability approaches, reach more people and, as with all of our investments, measure results. We also invest in innovations and research that provide policy makers and the sector with a deeper understanding of the role that financial capability can play in bringing more consumers into the financial mainstream.

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