12 Principles


The Jump$tart Coalition Education Committee designed 12 principles to keep financial literacy a priority year round. Each principle is linked to the National Standards in K-12 Personal Finance Education, which are published by Jump$tart.  You can follow us through the year by walking through each principle using a calendar, which we will update monthly, the National Standards and resources from the Jumpstart Clearinghouse


New Year's Resolution: Developing short- and long-term financial goals 
Facebook Live: Savings


Pay Yourself First: Pay yourself first; make saving a habit 
Facebook Live: Paying yourself first


Consumer Protection/ID Theft: Know your rights and responsibilities as a consumer
Facebook Live: ID theft with special guest from FTC


Understanding Taxes: Understanding Employment Income and Taxes
Facebook Live: Tax refunds


Credit Reports: Understanding Credit Reports
Facebook Live: Credit reports in the classroom and your personal credit history


Financial Services: Understanding financial institutions and providers 
Facebook Live: Financial institutions  and History with special guest 


Financial Independence/Summer Jobs: Money management begins with how you earn   
Facebook Live: Financial independence and summer jobs


Back to School Shopping: Compare prices and track track spending
Facebook Live: Back-to-school shopping, and saving and budgeting.


Insurance Awareness: Protect what you own/value
Facebook Live: Deposit insurance with the FDIC and teens and insurance


Understanding Credit: Credit is what you can borrow; debt what owe   
Facebook Live: Get Smart About Credit with the ABA Foundation and credit reports with Experian


Investing: Understanding fluctuations and invest for long term
Facebook Live: Save the date 3 pm Nov. 14


Holiday Shopping: Holiday spending isn't bad, but planning and budgeting will help
Facebook Live: Save the date 3 pm Dec. 12