08/07/2015 - Childrens Financial Network


Headquartered in Chester, N.J., Children’s Financial Network and its founder Neale Godfrey create cutting-edge educational and entertaining materials, which financial institutions can brand to create more meaningful client acquisition and retention programs. Godfrey, a #1 New York Times Best Selling author of 27 books and the first financial literacy curricula, creates financial educational programs for kids, schools and after-school programs, parents, and grandparents to help them all to become money savvy. She also is a weekly contributor to Forbes, writing about multi-generational issues around money.

What We Offer

  • Godfrey and her team of experts (including Tom Hester, the head sculptor of “Shrek”) also have created three No. 1 educational iOS mobile video gaming apps that teach 5-10 year olds the basics of: earning, saving, spending and sharing. The apps are free in the app store – look for GreenStreets: Shmootz Happens! The apps contain cutting edge technology, called augmented reality that allows a two-dimensional object, when scanned, to come alive in a video. This gives the sponsors the ability to engage kids and their parents in a new way. Also, during gameplay, parents and grandparents receive emails that explain what their kids are learning as they play.

  • Money activity workbooks and job cards (an allowance system) accompany the apps and are available for a sponsor to give to clients or schools.

  • Godfrey is a motivational speaker who presents seminars about, “How to Raise Financially Responsible Children and Grandchildren.” She gives financial institutions an opportunity to better connect with clients and to discuss products that will help adults to protect and save for their most important assets:  kids and grandkids.

We are seeking financial institutions that are committed to financial literacy. For example, we want to identify:

  • Banks that offer real on-line allowance systems where kids can earn money and have the ability to donate to charity, spend money with a debit card, and save money for college with savings products.

  • Investment management firms that want to offer 529 accounts and other investment products to help parents and grandparents save for a child’s college education.

  • Insurance companies that want to offer insurance products via financial literacy education.
In addition, Children’s Financial Network is seeking sponsorships and funding to support:

  • Our Nation’s Heroes: Godfrey works with Wounded Warriors and military youth and is seeking sponsorship for her educational programs. She currently serves 200,000 military youth in 85 bases around the world.

  • School/After-School Programs: Chicago Public Schools and Newark After-School have approved Godfrey’s educational programs and Children’s Financial Network needs funding to serve those children.

  • The latest multi-generational connectivity via mobile video gaming apps. Our games give financial institutions the ability to brand the latest technology without incurring the cost to produce them.

  • The ability for our team to design branded materials and education that contains your message to your customers and prospects.

  • The ability to brand with a trusted spokesperson that has been in the financial field for more than 40 years.

Neale Godfrey
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