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We help kids to a brighter future…starting tomorrow. The Centsables Financial Literacy program is an award-winning multi-media initiative whose mission is to provide kids ages 6-12 the practical skills they need to begin a lifetime of smart money decisions. Turnkey program components are designed to reach kids online, on television and mobile devices, in classrooms, banks, credit unions and right at the dinner table.


TV Series: Animated episodes are built around six lovable super-friends – bankers by day, heroes by choice – who dispatch evil villains and rescue the citizens of Centsinnati from financial disaster. As they take on money-grubbing bad guys like the Liquidator, Credi-tor, the Bouncing Baby Boy and Count DeFeit, the Centsables model diversity, good money choices, and prosocial skills to their young audience. Each episode also features Quiz Kids Game segments with financial facts and trivia that add to the fun. The Centsables TV series is aired on the Fox Business Network, Saturday mornings at 11:00 a.m. ET. Check the cable TV listings for your local Fox Business Network.
Interactive Websites: The adventures--and the learning--continue with an interactive website, as the Centsables lead kids through practical, real-life lessons on banking, investing, credit, and more. The site also features games, puzzles, serialized comic books, an informative parent link, plus downloadable lesson plans and other materials, all at no cost. Also available is a teen website that includes a college countdown checklist, tips on paying for that first car, insurance, careers and other teen-centric topics. Our millennial website provides insights on handling tuition payments, investing, building and protecting a good credit rating, and retirement.
Dash For Cash App: The Centsables Dash For Cash game, available free for android and mac devices, is for children ages 6-12 (and even adults). It is designed to strengthen money-counting skills, encouraging players to calculate currency in order to meet increasing goal amounts, while avoiding obstacles in their path. Kids move their favorite Centsable superhero across the board through 20 levels of play, with increasing amounts of money to be collected. After successfully completing each board, players discover a fun fact about money.
Retail Savings For Kids Program: This turnkey program, currently in banks and credit unions in 22 states, encourages young savers to open accounts, earn rewards, and build their saving habit. Relationship-building components include co-branded linked Centsables website, prizes and premiums, welcome kits, branch signage, and an array or marketing materials.  Customized mobile tours, presentations and branch events are also available.
Financial Advisor Program: Customized marketing initiatives help advisors deepen existing relationships while developing connections with their next generation of clients. Components include in-house events, outreach programs, and support materials tailored to support intergenerational wealth transfer.
12-week Classroom Program: A comprehensive school program enables teachers to bring valuable lessons right into the classroom. The Centsables superheroes make finance a subject that’s not only accessible to students, but enjoyable. As kids complete worksheets, they earn “Centsabucks” to redeem at their local bank or credit union branches for branded premiums. The program earns high grades from teachers, because it teaches real-life skills, but requires no extra work for them!
Lesson Modules for Parents and Teachers: For today’s children to succeed in the real world, they need the skills to make sound financial choices. The Centsables Financial Literacy Modules are designed to deliver enrichment to the classroom curriculum, practical skills to students, and no extra burden to teachers’ workload. Parent modules provide step-by-step ways to easily make money management part of family discussions. Two-disk modules include:

  • 2 episodes of the Centsables TV series on DVD
  • 2 corresponding lesson plans on CD
  • Downloadable lesson materials and activity sheets
  • Certificate of completion
  • Classroom poster

Updated Website: As part of our continuous commitment to improving the quality of our program, we recently launched a newly enhanced website that features:

  • Simplified, user-friendly navigation
  • Updated content
  • A scrolling home page and additional links 

2016 Academics’Choice Award: The Centsables Lesson Modules received the 2016 Smart Media Award, in recognition of “mind-building excellence,” and were deemed a top-quality education product.
2016 Kidscreen Awards: The Centsables Dash for Cash Game App has been nominated for an award in the category of: Kids, Best Learning App, Smartphone Category.

Advocates like you to get the word out.  We are asking all JumpStart’s supporters to reach out to every school district, organization, club, and parent group you know, urging them to bring the Centsables TV show into their homes, the classroom program to their schools, the retail program to their banks and credit unions, and the learning modules to their homes. So a financially secure future can begin tomorrow for all the youngsters in your area…and continue for the rest of their lives.
Mark DiPippa
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