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Founded in 2014, Next Gen Personal Finance (NGPF) is a nonprofit team of educators and entrepreneurs dedicated to the belief that all students deserve access to a free, high-quality personal finance education to make them financially capable.


  • Personal Finance Curriculum for High School or College Students: Next Gen Personal Finance offers a fully customizable curriculum of more than 65 lessons, organized into 11 units, that high school and college teachers can use to teach anything from a single class period to a full year course. Our lessons feature the current “best of” the internet, curated by our team of experts, and supplemented by NGPF original discussion prompts, activities, projects, and assessment questions.

  • Personal Finance Supplemental Materials: For the experienced teacher who already has their own bank of lessons and materials, NGPF offers a large but well curated bank of supplemental materials including:

  • Comprehensive Support for Personal Finance Educators: Though our content is top-notch, we pride ourselves on being much more than a one-stop shop for resources. Next Gen Personal Finance is devoted to the professional development of our teacher community. We feature:

    • Monthly newsletters and surveys, sent straight to your inbox

    • A daily blog featuring current events, lesson ideas, and more

    • Our Q&A Forum as well as a weekly podcasts so that teachers can learn from one another as part of a personal finance educators’ network

    • Free, monthly webinars on personal finance topics and teaching strategies

    • And additional professional development in the form of an online Professional Learning Community, live and remote workshops at conferences around the country, and our Inaugural Summer Institute in Palo Alto during June 2016


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  • Register as a member of our Q&A Forum, then post answers to your colleagues’ questions. Or, if you’ve been dying for some expert feedback, ask a question or two yourself.

  • NGPF is going on the road this fall. Please let us know if you would be interested in organizing a professional development workshop in your area. Email Tim at Turn on JavaScript!.


  • Data Crunch: Each Data Crunch one-page worksheet is titled with a question to pique student interest, features a single graph or chart with personal finance information to hone your students’ analytical skills and teach them important concepts, and has five questions of varying difficulty (Depth of Knowledge levels range from 1-4). Data Crunch activities are perfect to kick off your lesson, assign for homework, or leave for a substitute.

  • Interactive Library: In our Interactive Library, we maintain a database of outstanding online simulations and interactive experiences that your high school students can use to better their understanding of personal finance. Use a resource from the Interactive Library to kick off your new lesson or unit, engage reluctant learners with online fun, reinforce concepts in a different way, or assign as an “extra” for students who finish their work early.



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