American Savings Education Council (ASEC)

The American Savings Education Council (ASEC) is a coalition of private- and public-sector institutions that undertakes initiatives to raise public awareness about what is needed to ensure long-term personal financial independence at all life stages. The Council is a founding organization of the Jump$tart Coalition and is represented on its board of directors. ASEC helped to develop the Coalition's savings and investing guidelines, which includes teaching students about the importance of income, money management, savings and investment, and spending. ASEC's goal is to make saving; investing; and planning for retirement, a vital concern of all Americans. ASEC believes that education is key in helping individuals prepare for long-term financial security. The earlier this savings behavior is taught (e.g., in grades K-12), the better planners, savers, and investors Americans will be in the future. ASEC is program of the Employee Benefit Research Institute Education and Research Fund (EBRI-ERF), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, educational organization.