State Coalition of the Year Award

Jump$tart’s State Coalition of the Year Award was first suggested by Dr. Lew Mandell, one of the Jump$tart Coalitions founding board members, and was introduced in 2005. The award recognizes the significant contribution from affiliated state coalitions, and is an opportunity to show our appreciation for these grassroots coalitions, which operate almost entirely with volunteers.

The State Coalition of the Year Award recognizes: the sound structure and management of the state coalition; its effectiveness and innovation in reaching, supporting, and assisting teachers; its public awareness activities; its effectiveness in carrying out Jump$tart’s State Coalition Common Strategy; and the level of participation and collaboration within the coalition itself. 

2017 Winner: Idaho Financial Literacy Coalition

The  Idaho Financial Literacy Coalition (IFLC) and its President Melissa Schug were recognized for their work with 40 active partners that helped IFLC reach more than 15,000 individuals with financial education and information. When the work of the coalition and its partners is taken into account collectively they reach nearly 500,000 individuals – about one-third of the state’s population (1.6 million).

To advance financial literacy and awareness in Idaho, the coalition:

  • Held its 6th Annual Piggy Bank Beauty Contest
  • Participated in 72 conferences
  • Supported a 2016 Financial Economic Summit
  • Sponsored the Caldwell Saves Program
  • Participated in Financial Literacy Day at the Legislature
  • All of these events were made possible by approximately 86,000 volunteer hours.

For additional information, see the press release.

Past Winners

2017: Idaho Financial Literacy Coalition

2016: Connecticut Jump$tart Coalition

2015: Montana Financial Education Coalition

2014: Maine Jump$tart

2013: Colorado Jump$tart

2012: Jump$tart Washington

2011: Iowa Jump$tart

2010: California Jump$tart

2009: Tennessee Jump$tart

2008: Virginia Jump$tart

2007: Louisiana Jump$tart

2006: Utah Jump$tart

2005: Wisconsin Jump$tart