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American Express is committed to consumer financial education programs and has been developing and sponsoring education initiatives for decades. The Company encourages consumers to go online to keep their finances "in line," and offers many educational tools on its Consumer Resources site Consumers can find information, insights and tips about selecting and using credit cards so that consumers can easily identify the optimal credit or charge card to meet their financial and lifestyle needs. Available resources include Tips and advice, such as:

    • "Families and Credit Cards," created in partnership with Consumer Action for parents to teach their children about credit cards and other payment options;
    • "Credit Matters," a guide for adults and first-time credit users that explains how to qualify for a credit card, secure the best deal, and establish a good credit history;
    • "Identity Theft," an online tool that helps consumers protect themselves from identity theft;
    • "Shop Safely Online," a guide for online shopping that provides useful information about security, privacy, and how credit laws protect consumers shopping online

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